HSA/FSA Information

Uqora’s products are HSA/FSA approved! That means you can use your HSA/FSA card at checkout.

If you are buying Uqora’s over-the-counter drug products and/or the UTI diagnostic product (AKA, Soothe, Combat and Clarify), the products are approved as they are, and you do not need any additional information.

If you are buying Uqora’s proactive care supplements (Flush, Defend and Promote), then you will need to get your doctor to fill in this one-page form. This validates that they consider Uqora’s proactive care products as medically necessary for your health. Learn more

Are all of Uqora’s products HSA/FSA eligible?

All but two of Uqora’s products are HSA/FSA eligible (Uqora’s Cleansing Wipes and Wash balancing vulva cleanser). However, some of the products require validation from your healthcare provider. Here’s a quick guide to Uqora’s products and their respective eligibility:

Click here learn more about the FSA/HSA process seamless.